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Beacon Soccer Club Gives Back for Rec. League Disruptions

In response to the disruptions caused by C19, Beacon Soccer Club has reimbursed over $8,500 back to the families who make up our Club's Recreational Leagues.

We want to give an extra special thank to The Piciacchio Family for their above and beyond efforts. This project required 345 manual transactions to enable refunds back to the club's members. Members of he Piciacchio Family worked together to process individual refunds for each player registered for the 2019-20 Recreational League Seasons. We also want to specially thank our Registrar Jon Elias, for reviewing our Recreational League registrations line by line to ensure everyone was included.

The Club's Board understands that things are changing around us, and these reimbursements are small in comparison to the needs of our Club Families. It is in these times where the Board would like all of our members to know: When you support the Club, the Club will be there to support you and the development our Players.

Thank you again to all the players, families, sponsors, friends, and supporters. Our Club is great because you're in it.

See you in September for the next Beacon Soccer Club Recreational League. Registration for the 2020-21 Rec League Season is now open. Sign up today at:

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